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Skill Challenges For Middle Managers And How They Should Deal With This

Bangalore, November 28 2017

Due to the emergence of automation and artificial intelligence-based processes across industrial sectors, the need for managing people is expected to reduce dramatically,” said Sanju Ballurkar, CEO of staffing company Magna Infotech, a division of Quess Corp.

Top career opportunities in technology

Bangalore, November 01 2017

Authored article by Sanju Ballurkar, CEO, Magna Infotech – A Division of Quess Corp Limited.

Trained freshers is Indian IT’s new code

Bangalore, October 16th 2017

With increasing digital technology-focused business deals more IT and BPM firms expect freshers to be ready with the basic training on technology – Sanju Ballurkar, CEO, Magna Infotech.

Volatile IT Industry boosts flexi- staffing

Bangalore, August 31 2017

We have seen 60-70% growth this year.- Sanju Ballurkar, CEO, Magna Infotech.

Is hiring only HR problem?

Bangalore, June 6 2017

Hiring is a time consuming and exhausting task. But is it the responsibility of HR alone? How can business manager help HR with the hiring process? – Raghav Poojary, Vice President, Magna Infotech, a division of Quess Corp Limited.

IT industry in India will continue to witness layoffs at low-end skills for next 18 months: Experts

Bangalore, May 29 2017

“Routine task related jobs might be at risk as automation will take over to reduce time and effort in getting them done”- Sanju Ballurkar, CEO, Magna Infotech, a division of Quess Corp Limited.

Key Recruitment Challenges in 2017

Bangalore, May 19 2017

“Recruitment in India comes with its own set of challenges. Finding the best candidate for a given position is an arduous task given the changing trends in the hiring industry.”- Raghav Poojary, Vice President, Magna Infotech, a division of Quess Corp Limited.

IT layoffs: Situation is not that bleak but are you ready to take a cut in salary, position?

Bangalore, May 17 2017

“Magna Infotech, an IT contractual staffing company, has seen a 25-30 percent increase in terms of requirement for IT staff not only in small and medium-sized IT firms but also in multi-national companies.”- Sanju Ballurkar, CEO, Magna Infotech, a division of Quess Corp Limited.

Junior-level IT jobs in India are disappearing at a fast clip

Bangalore, March 28 2017

As compared to 2016, we have seen a 10% to 12% surge in the IT hiring”- Sanju Ballurkar, Business Head, Magna Infotech, a division of Quess Corp Limited.

Hiring in the IT industry and the need for re-skilling.

Bangalore, March 23 2017

In today’s scenario ‘Self Paced Learning’ plays a significant role in professional growth”-Sanju Ballurkar-Business Head, Magna Infotech, a division of Quess Corp Limited.

These IT skills can get you 25% hike

Bangalore, April 1 2015

Niche skills and domain expertise will rule the roost in the information technology sector this year…

IT companies open to rebadging bench staff to boost efficiency

Mumbai, November 07 2014

Indian IT companies have been chipping away at the bench, the number of employees not currently deployed on a project, for several quarters…

It may be Bye Bye Benches at IT Cos

Mumbai, November 07 2014

Rebadging a sign that industry is beginning to take steps to reduce spare capacity and boost margins…

Infosys joins Indian peers in boosting hiring in US

Bengaluru/Mumbai, November 6 2014

Of these, 1,500 will be experienced professionals, while the rest will be hired from American colleges and universities…

IT firms increase lateral hiring to take SMAC services to clients

Mumbai, August 28 2014

Reason said to be rising client demand for newer digital technologies to be clubbed with traditional outsourcing work, which requires skilled hands…

The ‘bench’ employees

Bangalore, July 29 2014

The concept of ‘bench’ is created to ensure that there is a pool of employees available at every given point…

Offshore employees equally prone to pink slips

Bangalore, February 13 2014

As Indian arms of MNCs move up the value chain, impact of global decisions to be higher…